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River Mill Woods

Category: Cindy

We stumbled upon River Mill Woods a few year ago while looking for someone to do some framing for us, and now use them often for our framing needs. These have included family portraits, limited edition prints, and also some more unique framing requests. Two of the more unusual requests we had for Pat and Daryl were custom frames for stained glass windows; and, most recently, a display of a relative's WWII military ribbons and medals, complete with a photo of him in his uniform with the same ribbons and medals. In each case, we could tell that Pat and Daryl put a lot of thought into what they would do before actually assembling the project we've asked them to do. They always do a wonderful job of working with us to give us exactly what we want, to the point where I am comfortable saying, "I trust you on this, arrange it the way you think is best." Pat and Daryl serve their customers with excellence and thoughtfulness at a very reasonable price.