Our Flat-Top model represents our basic casket however it utilizes the same box construction as the rest of our caskets. It is made of yellow pine with dovetailed corners, a 3/4″ plywood bottom that has been glued and screwed to the box.

The trim work uses simple round-overs for edge treatments. The lids consist of a bottom frame to which the upper frame and panel is attached with glue and exposed screws. The miter corners found in the lids feature splines for added strength. The lids are hinged and latched the same as the rest of our caskets.

Both lids and the box are upholstered with the same micro-suede fabric found in our other caskets. The fact that the lids on this model are flat means there is less room in the box vertically than our beveled- lid caskets. The vertical inside height is 14.5 inches without any bedding in place. In order to account for this we do not put a bed frame in these caskets. There are two layers of foam: a 2″ thick bottom layer with a e upholstered top layer. The lids and box sides all feature padded micro-suede upholstery. An upholstered pillow is included. The handle ends are simpler. The inside dimensions of the box are : 22.25 W x 78.5 L x 14.5 H.

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